Welcome to our New Member!
Michael Whitney, Agro Crop.
September 15 - District Training
It takes TRAINED Rotarians to help in our communities and around the world. Over 35 Rotarians gathered together to learn about writing and applying for district and Global grants. Monies raised by club members can be doubled or even tripled by strategic grants. GREAT WORK!
September 21 -
Hawai’i County Fire Chief Darren Rosario
speaks to our club
Rotary meetings aren’t always about what we can do to help people in our community.  We also bring in interesting speakers to educate us. Fire Chief Darren Rosario wowed us with all the work our County Fire Department does. As a matter of fact, our County Department is the only one statewide that responds to all 5 areas of concern: Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, Hazardous Materials and Ocean Safety! GREAT WORK!
September 29 -
Waiakea High School Interact helps out
at the annual Alzheimers’ Walk.
Interact (Rotary Junior) club members get to the Walk early, help get everything set up, cheer on the participants and then help clean up and store all the supplies and equipment. These students are learning early that all people need to “give back” to our communities to ensure that needed services get to the people who need them.  GREAT WORK!
A school year of reading to Kindergarten classes!

August to May, club members arrive each month in 14 local schools and read to nearly 470 Kindergarten students... leaving the book for the classroom and often leaving a copy of the book for each student. Learning to enjoy reading is critical to developing most all of the cognitive skills needed to succeed in life.  And... it’s fun for our club readers, too. The kids wave and get all excited when the reader comes into the classroom. GREAT WORK!

Rotary International Started Polio Eradication
In 1988 With 350,000 Cases World Wide
1905 Polio recognized as a contagious disease by Swedish Dr. Ivar Wickman.
1916 Huge Polio outbreak in New York City kills 6,000 people, cripples more.
1955 Dr. Jonas Salk develops vaccine.
1960 Oral Polio vaccine developed by Dr. Albert Sabin, approved for use.
1979 Rotary International begins the fight by immunizing 6 million children in the Philippines.
1985 Rotary International and World Health Organization launch the Global Eradication Initiative  with an estimated 350,000 cases in 125 countries.
1994 Polio eradicated in the Americas.
1995 165 million children in China and India immunized in one week.
2000 550 million children immunized.
2006 Only four countries in the world still report polio cases. GREAT WORK!
2018 Only 18 cases of polio WORLD WIDE!
14 in Afghanistan, 4 in Pakistan
Want to help? DONATE at www.endpolio.org/donate