The Rotary Club of Hilo awards nearly $32,000 to three local nonprofits from the proceeds of the Hilo Brewfest 2022. Pictured left to right: Bob Hanley, Club member and Brewfest Originator;  Beverly Heikes, Club President during the June Brewfest; Anita Tatum (kneeling) Club member and Brewfest Chair; Lisa Rantz, Club member and Hilo Medical Foundation E.D.; Chad Cabral-CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Island; Robin Benedict, Program Coordinator for the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of East Hawaii; and Nicole Chase, (kneeling) Assistant to Robin at the Friends.
After a two year hiatus, the Rotary Club of Hilo’s signature fundraiser “Hilo Brewfest” came roaring back in June of 2022. People were ready to party and sponsors were ready to help!
Presented at the former Wainaku Executive Center which has been bought by Ola Brew, the site overflowed with craft beers, ono-licious food and plenty of good fun.
The Hilo Medical Foundation’s Primary Care Physician Training and the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of East Hawaii were again the two signature beneficiaries. Each received $13,300. Added for this year was the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Island for $5,320. These awards total nearly $32,000 that stays right here to help our local communities.

“It was especially a challenge this year,” said Anita Tatum Brewfest Chair. “The Brewfest was slated for June 26 and we weren’t even sure we could have a large gathering until early March. Our Brewfest planning normally starts in December/January!”
“We were again blessed by many local breweries who jumped at the chance to participate,” said Bob Hanley, Brewfest Originator and Beer Contact. “Also a mahalo to our local restaurants who all stepped up at the last moment!”
“We were especially pleased at the number of Sponsors who joined in Hilo Brewfest 2022,” said Beverly Heikes, Rotary Club President at the time of the festival. “It is so heartening to see our local businesses step up so that we would be able to help our 2022 beneficiaries.”
Plans are already underway for Brewfest 2023 which will occur in July instead of June. And because the Ola Brew renovations of the former Wainaku Center will be in full swing, the Rotary Club of Hilo is proud and excited to announce that the 2023 Brewfest will be held at the Hilo Yacht Club.
Watch for more details and the new year’s festival approaches. Log on to for more information about the club and updates about Brewfest 2023 as information becomes available.